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Entrepreneur. Healer. Creator. Here to Serve.

I'm passionate about empowering women through wellness education and awareness. This community allows me to share the lessons I've learned along the way, including all that lies ahead. Browse below to discover how I can serve you.

Meet Aaliya

Aaliya as Entrepreneur

As the founder of brands Warrior Body Spa and Green Queen CBD … Aaliya is a natural-born leader and has trailblazed a reputation of raising the bar in support of the organizations she’s worked for and with. A believer in being the change that you want and child of destiny, she has many more chapters in her book of business. 


Aaliya as Detox Warrior

Her wisdom gleaned from her fearless clients, friends and family and their commitment to feel their best through detox is a testament to her leadership and teachings. Warriors are passionate about strength, protection and endurance. Aaliya helps people reach their optimum wellness through a personal plan and daily detox choices. 


Aaliya as a Creative

Whether it’s her way with words or her way with designing the healing spaces within her spa spaces and her own home she shares with her fiancé, Aaliya embraces her creativity from within first. She’s inspired by those around her but as an out-of-the-box thinker – and influence from her philosophy major studies – she’s forever creating whether it’s watercolor painting, mural painting, journaling or creative writing. Instant gratification is her thing and she loves to create something from nothing. 


Aaliya as Lifestyle Ambassador

A world traveler, foodie, fashion enthusiast, Yogi and wellness guru,  keeping up with Aaliya on all her channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) is a must for those with like-minded aspirations. AaliyaLovesYou celebrates the intersection of these vibrations. 




Invite me to breathe a little life into your organization! I'm available for virtual & in-person conferences and events to provide trainings, share my story and encourage you to share yours too.
Topics include: healthy lifestyle choices, detoxing the body, entrepreneurship, and spa sales/management.

Content Creator

I produce marketing copy by sharing my unique experience with your brand to advertise your products, writing blog posts about industry-related topics and promoting content on social media. My experience with digital publishing and generating traffic and leads for new business makes me successful in this role.

CBD Products

I wanted to find a high-quality remedy to help myself and my clients reach their pain management goals, especially those unable or not willing to make the lifestyle changes needed. Green Queen CBD Products is the creation!
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"Health is the vital principle of bliss, and exercise, of health."

James Thomson

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