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Level Up Your
Health and Beauty Business

You’ve been dishing out money for ads, posting on social media and providing a spectacular service, BUT still..... haven't achieved a consistent flow of business.

Having a loyal client base is absolutely possible once you learn how to provide an upper-echelon experience for your clients. It’s the same exact framework I’ve used to help my clients increase revenue over the past eight years.

Imagine how much more fulfilled you’d be once you can:

  • Increase your rates without getting any pushback.

  • Begin generating wealth, your way.

  • Take time off without worrying about stable income.

Hands in the Soil
​After operating brick and mortar spa locations for almost a decade, and increasing revenues during a pandemic, I’ve noticed there are 3 major mistakes most health and beauty service providers are making that’s holding them back. ​
  • Spending way too much money on marketing, and barely turning a profit.

  • ​Depending only on revenue from services.

  • Not providing a lucrative loyalty program for their clients.

The Stellar Client Experience Coaching Program

a 3- week coaching program for health and beauty service providers to increase client retention and business revenue
Business Meeting

Now's the time to stop being unsure why clients aren’t returning and provide the Stellar Client Experience that yields multiplied revenues and more loyal clients.
You KNOW that once you can get the stunning reviews and systems that sell silently to increase revenue and loyal clientele, you’ll finally be able to grow your business at a steady rate that guarantees stability for your income, and put your business on auto-pilot.
Are you ready to curate a stellar client experience?

Coaching Program Outline



Module One: Stimulate!

You learn how to create an environment that will exude comfort, priming the client before receiving their service.

You'll learn how to stimulate your clients'
senses; getting them invested before
they spend a dime. They will be wrapped
up in your environment and never want
to leave. 


Module Two: Serve!

This is why they are here. It's time to
provide spectacular service. The service
is important but how you deliver it is
most important. You'll learn easy ways to
make your client feel wrapped in comfort
and luxury. There is no way that the
service will be completed without
knowing they are completely satisfied.


Module Three: Seal the Deal!

You'll learn My Three Rs for Returning
Retail: Easy Non-Selling Sales Tips
Recurring Income: Creating Loyalty &
Membership Packages
Reviews: How to Get 5 Stars every time.


Three Weekly Strategy Coaching Calls.
Work with me to create a specific strategy to level up your business.

Take Your Business from Good to Stellar

Plateaued Business Growth
Lackluster Client Reviews
Low Business Profits 
Increased Sales, Revenue, & Income
Working Less, Getting Paid More
Increased Client Retention
Stunning Reviews

how much of an investment?

This coaching program includes three modules to transform your client experience starts at $697. Upgrade your enrollment with 3 Coaching Calls, one after each module, to ensure your success, for an
additional $599. Upon completing your application, it will be reviewed within 3 business days, and you'll receive a call from
me to complete the next steps.

Enroll in the Academy

Stellar Client Experience Testimonials

All I can say is AMAZING!!!! I think that was one of the best massages I have ever had. Aaliya did an absolutely incredible job at finding the areas that were tense and working out all the knots. She listened to my concerns at the beginning so the massage truly was personalized to meet my needs. Very relaxing atmosphere from the moment you walk in. I will definitely be back. Highly recommend!!!

Meg C


Meet Aaliya

Aaliya’s disciplined approach to exceeding client expectations has earned her award-winning preference. Yelp reviewers selected Warrior Body Spa for several consecutive years with the ‘People Love Us’ Award; City of Tucker, Office of the Mayor highlighted Aaliya’s spa as “Business of the Month;” Best Self Magazine Atlanta voted Warrior Body Spa “Best of” two years in a row for Best Body Detox Facility 2017 and Best Massage Therapy 2018; and Creative Loafing presented a Reader’s Choice Award for Atlanta’s Best Spa, 2 years in a row, 2018 & 2019. Most recently featured in Atlantan's 2021 Best of Atlanta!


She’s done all of the work for you, and filtered out the fluff. The major keys of this course are a result of Aaliya squeezing all of the gems of client feedback, countless business/ leadership books, industry conferences. meeting with CEOs of groundbreaking institutions, and her own grit in building businesses.

Locked and Loaded

As health/beauty business owners and operators, you are thrown into a plethora of roles and all you wanted to do was provide great services that make your clients feel beautiful and healthy. They said, “if you build it, and they will come.” But they aren’t coming.

It’s frustrating not seeing a return on your social media posts, trying to make your friends your clients, and trying to make your clients your friends. Let that go!

You’re tired of just making enough money, and you know you provide amazing services ...

It’s exhausting freaking out every month because you're not sure you’ll have enough clients...

It’s frustrating watching other businesses being booked out months in advance ...

It sucks constantly wondering if you’ll be able to pay all of your business and personal expenses…

The time to enroll is now. Don’t let another week go by with your business not reaching its full potential.

Outdoor Spa

Upgrade Your Health/Beauty Business with 

the Stellar Client Experience

3-Week Intensive Online Course Boosting Biz Revenue & Loyal Clients

In the Media

Notable Features

Your two major problems:
not enough clients coming IN and not enough clients coming BACK.

And as a result, you lack consistent sales to confidently run your business and pay for adequate support.

Learn the Stellar Client Experience to Boost Business Revenue & Client Loyalty

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